Housekeeping note

Today I'm introducing a few changes in the format of this Friday Roundup. In addition to a short post about and links to noteworthy news in the social enterprise space, I'll include three sections that may help you stay up to date with what's being said on NextBillion (the last few weeks have averaged 2-3 posts per day... that's a lot to keep up with).
The first new section, In Case You Missed It, is a list of what was published on NextBillion on the corresponding week. The second one, Make Sure You Don't Miss It, will include relevant events and opportunities you should be aware of (if you know of anything that should be on this list, please do email me. I'll appreciate it.) The third one,NextBillion Archives, will include older NextBillion posts on topics relevant to the week's whenever possible. There's so much good content hidden inthe archives of this site, we thought it would be great to undust some of it. Hat tip to Bryan for bringing up the idea just recently.