One recurring theme and a growing imperative consistent across the Net Impact 2010 Conference sessions I attended was the need to increase mindful cross-sector collaborations, particularly within the field of development. 
Whether the intent was to better engage the BoP in healthcare, rebuild Haiti or create a sustainable social enterprise, the presenters at the Net Impact conference all spoke to the improvements that can be made in the way we design and conceptualize collaborative partnerships in order to create positive social change.
For all of the presenters in the session on "International Social Enterprise - Operational and Implementation Challenges," successful partnerships, especially within the communities they sought to serve, acted as the litmus test for the overall success of the enterprise. Realizing the importance of cross-sector collaboration is one thing, but what are the methods for creating an effective partnership? How do you combine potentially different value propositions under one effort? And, what are the practical skills you can use to approach partnering across segments of society?